We are committed to supporting our clients in those areas where their partnership with us can bring real value. We can work to identify opportunities and anticipate challenges.

We are a total IT service provider, helping small-to-large scale organizations freeing up from the tiresome IT tasks such as IT infrastructure, product engineering, patching, monitoring, and lot other crushing functions. We also understand data security is an essential part of any business that...
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Running parallel to the world of design is of critical importance. Styled in yesteryear is fantastic when it’s akin to your look, but not when accidental, because then you’re exceptionally skimpy to meet your client's expectations. We keep you ahead of the trend with our continually new concepts and refurbished old concepts that...
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Are you being noticed in the evolving Marketing Roles? Our digital transformation services are no longer limited to the CIO since we know businesses need more & more than ever. We provide quality services in all channels of digital marketing as what it takes to be a successful company. With us, you get...
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Website Development
From e-commerce web development to website hosting to domain booking, and from custom web designing of HTML or Flash sites, content creation, multimedia presentations, portals, to backend services to Payment Gateways, we provide virtually anything you can possibly imagine.
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Mobile Applications
Our mobile application enablement services with an array of latest tabs, Smartphone’s & pocket gadgets supporting cross-functional/non-functional platform are available in our mobility lab. We create no-page refresh, highly-responsive, data-driven applications that don't break off the online user experience.
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Software Development
We are your Right Choice software solutions that not just offer a comprehensive catalog of services to meet all your business-based software development needs but enable a richer application feature & interfaces in the browser implementing the next generation of software applications.
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"We Provide Interactive Experience In Development Process"


The First Stage in designing a successful website is to gather the required information for building your website.


The Second Stage is using the gathered requirements information and put together as a plan for your website.


The Third Stage is where the look & feel of the site is determined, ensuring that it will match all requirements.


The Fourth Stage is where the developer will take all details from prototype & use them to create the actual functional site.


The Final Stage is where your developer will test all modules of the site ensuring quality & optimized functionality.

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Causing Incredible Performance

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your contribution to CIP. I really value your support to this cause.
Prof. C Balaji

Switch Nov

Truly appreciate the enthusiastic and spontaneous support from every team member @ Right choice. You make it easy for anyone to work with you and definitely fresh and creative ideas.
Sahana Rabindranath

Pharmacy Management Services

It's been a wonderful year! Thanks Sudhakar and team! Wishing you great success!
Mohan Reddy

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